Focus on People, Not Laundry

At LaundryCare by Fabricare, we bring our passion for service to health professionals. Unlike the large franchise laundry companies that currently service the healthcare industry, LaundryCare is a Fabricare brand that’s been rooted in servicing high-end clientele and their clothing with the highest quality dry cleaning & laundering for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate level of service available. 

LaundryCare knows all practices are different so will tailor a specific plan that’s right for your practice and fits your budget.  Whether you need your lab coats cleaned and pressed to perfection or just neatly folded, LaundryCare can take care of you so YOU can focus on your patients. 

LaundryCare will even customize a pickup & delivery schedule to fit your needs at no extra cost. 

Contact us to see how we can remove the burden of laundry from your practice and get a free quote.

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