Stags Laundry and Dry Cleaning is dedicated to providing Fairfield University students with an efficient and affordable delivery laundry service that is guaranteed to eliminate the burden of cleaning clothes – giving you more time to do all the things that college students actually care about!

How does it work?

SIGN UP by filling out the below form, or calling 203-229-0001

DROP OFF your dirty laundry using your free, personalized bag provided by LaundryCare to one of the dedicated shuttles

PICK UP your professionally cleaned & folded laundry within 48 hours

Choose the right plan for you

All plans include:

  • A personal laundry bag that holds approximately 25-30 lbs of clothing
  • Two day turnaround
  • Free pickup and delivery service
  • Replacement of missing buttons and sewing of minor tears upon request
  • Special care for any items such as sweaters and delicates – simply include a note with specific instructions and we will accommodate

Additional services:

  • Dry Cleaning – LaundryCare will also provide dry cleaning services on an as needed basis. Garments to be dry cleaned can be placed in the bag with the laundry with special note stating which piece require dry cleaning. Dry clean garments will be charged on a per item basis.
  • Storage – LaundryCare offers storage solutions for between semesters for clothing and beyond including furniture, sports equipment, bicycles, etc. Call 203-229-0001 for details.

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