The world has changed.
Your work has changed. 
Your lifestyle has changed.
Your priorities have changed.
Your wardrobe has changed.
And thankfully, we’ve changed!

LaundryCare by Fabricare was developed for the NEW YOU.
We’ve simplified clothing care so you no longer need to know what gets dry cleaned versus what gets washed. Heck, we even know what needs to get hung dried! Just throw ALL your clothing into one bag, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Fabricare has been a trusted expert in the dry cleaning industry for over 30 years and we are out to change the way your whole wardrobe is cared for. 

We know how to handle all types of fabrics and how to remove all kinds of stains and use the best, environmentally friendly soaps in the industry.  We think it’s safe to say, we do clothing care better than you can at home!

Total clothing care is what we are all about. 

So stop wasting your time doing laundry and schlepping dry cleaning to the cleaners…..LEAVE IT TO LAUNDRYCARE because you have better things to do than laundry!

Let LaundryCare help you get back all those hours you typically spend doing laundry today.

And now that you have extra time, check out some of these extreme ironing videos that inspired our campaign!

LaundryCare by Fabricare is featured in…

Clothing Care You Can’t Get at Home.

Laundry is a science, and we know laundry. The products & methods we use here at LaundryCare give your clothing a better clean than you could get at home. We use the best detergents available, exact temperatures, controlled agitations & moisture-controlled drying.

We use the LANODOL WET CLEANING system that was created for all types of clothing including delicate, sensitive & elaborate clothing. It is tough on stains and produces bright, clean clothing while being gentle on fabrics AND the environment. This process requires less water, energy, and detergents so there is a less negative impact on our earth.


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