The world is changing.

Your wardrobe is changing.

Your lifestyle is changing.

Your priorities are changing

And thankfully clothing care is changing with you!

LaundryCare by Fabricare was developed for YOU. We’ve simplified clothing care so you no longer need to know what gets dry cleaned versus what gets washed. The days of deciphering all those confusing clothing care symbols are behind us.

We know you have more important things to do with your time, so we are taking over your clothing care. And we’ve made it SIMPLE….

We’ve simplified the process. One bag for all your clothing. Simply throw everything from your wardrobe into your LaundryCare bag, and we will handle the sorting.

We’ve simplified the pricing. Pick a plan that best suits you, and get your clothing care done for one low monthly price.

We’ve simplified the service. All you need to do is download our Fab App, tap the button and a driver will pick up your clothing and drop it off within days at no extra charge.

Clothing care is what WE are all about. So stop wasting your time doing laundry and schlepping dry cleaning to the cleaners…..LEAVE IT TO LAUNDRYCARE because you have more important things to do than laundry!

Let LaundryCare help you get back all those hours you typically spend doing laundry today. Give us a call today at 203-229-0001 or download our Fab App on the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY store for on-demand service!

Get our app for easy, convenient, FREE pickup and delivery service.

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