LaundryCare is clothing care for everything in your closet. Our experts handle the sorting and cleaning using the best methods, equipment & products available, so YOU don’t have to worry about it. And we’ve made it simple:

1. Throw all your Clothing into One Bag

That’s right…throw all your clothing into ONE bag. We’ll sort it all & determine the best method of cleaning. If you have special preferences, no problem – just let us know and we will accommodate!

2. We pick up your clothing (for Free!)

Let us know when you’d like your clothing picked up by calling us at 203-229-0001, emailing us or through our FAB APP on the App Store or Google Play. There is NO charge for pick up & deliveries!

3. We Clean your Clothing

Our team of experts sort & cares for each item with the best methods, whether it’s dry cleaning, wash & fold or hang dry. You can trust that ALL of your clothing is getting the best possible care. We use the best methods & solutions that are gentle on your clothing AND on the environment.

4. We Deliver your Clothing

Within days, your clothing will be delivered back to you perfectly folded (or hung for those items that require hanging), and ready to wear.

Get the Fab App!

Our Fab App makes home pick up & delivery clothing care to the next level.

Download our mobile app to set up an account, specify special preferences, and schedule pick-ups!