Choose the subscription service that best fits you and your family. Throw everything into one bag, and we will do the sorting & determine the best method of cleaning. By signing up for a subscription, you will receive savings and the convenience of weekly or bi-weekly pickups and deliveries!


Choose one of our on-demand services if you do not have a regular wash schedule every month:

LAUNDRY SERVICES: LaundryCare sorts clothing, checks pockets, separates darks & lights and washes & dries your pieces in their OWN machine. Your clean clothing will then be perfectly folded and returned to you in 3-4 days.

DRY CLEANING SERVICES: LaundryCare inspect all clothing to check for any stains or tears, so we can treat each piece individually. Your clothing will then be dry cleaned, pressed & returned to you on a hanger within a garment bag in 3-4 days.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: If you have special instructions, let us know, but our team of experts knows the best methods for all materials, so you can trust us with everything from your delicates and dry cleaning to your jeans, work out gear, casual wear and more. 

* Customers can request additional bags for family members (at the cost of additional subscription) 
** Household items can be included with laundry (towels, sheets, etc)