Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that in 2017,  the United States generated approximately 16.9 million tons of textile waste? That’s nearly 80 pounds PER American! And of this almost 17 million tons, only 15% was recycled resulting in 11.2 million tons of textile waste ending up in landfills which can take up to 200+ years to decompose. These numbers are staggering and scary, but it is important to spread the word so we can all help make a difference. 

So….what can you do to help reduce textile waste? It’s actually simpler than you may think, but requires a shift in how we think about purchasing our clothing.

We should consider clothing as investment pieces. Instead of spending less on more pieces, we need to think about how each item will last through the years. Make sure it’s made well and will last the test of time. 

It is also important to properly care for these investment pieces. Read the instructions on the labels carefully, or trust the experts at Fabricare Cleaners. Our team knows how to care for the most luxurious and delicate of fabrics, and we do it without harming the environment. Our eco-conscious operation always has the earth in mind. 

And when you’re sick of your wardrobe, don’t throw it away. Consider donating it to charity (Fabricare will even pick up & deliver items to charity for you!) or selling/thrifting items. With all the online consignment options available today like ThredUp, Poshmark and The Real Real, there is NO reason to toss your garments in the trash.  

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