What makes you a loyal customer to a business? With so many options these days, it can be tough for small businesses to gain and retain new customers. Is it convenience that keeps you going back? Price? Quality of the product or service? Or does it ultimately come down to the way the business treats you as a customer? 

Michael Astorino, a CT resident and owner of local dry cleaner Fabricare Cleaners has spent the last 30 years in the service industry. Michael and his team Fabricare provide top quality service for their customers’ clothing and home interiors but for them, it’s more than that. At Fabricare, the focus has always been on their customers and providing the best possible service to them. 

“At Fabricare, we say the CARE in our name stands for “Customers Are the Reason we Exist. We know that we stay in business (especially this past year) because of our clients, and we have built and continue to change our business to suit our customers’ ever changing needs. We are passionate about service. So much so that we have an entire website and blog dedicated to the subject — fabservice.net.” – Michael Astorino, Owner of Fabricare 

So how does a business go about providing their customers with a top notch level of service? Is it training the employees properly? Sure, but it goes beyond that. For Fabricare, they developed an ongoing culture of service that is at the center of their day to day operations. There is open communication each and every day where experiences are shared – both good and bad – so the team can learn how to handle various situations and increase customer satisfaction. 

Michael and his team constantly share their experiences internally, but why keep this knowledge to themselves? They decided to open it up to all through their blog on Fabservice.net. Anyone can go and read others’ experiences and can share their own stories. The goal has always been to open up dialogue and invite others to join the conversation so together we can make customer service something that is second nature. 

Learn more at fabservice.net or call 203-229-0001 

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